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Local animal rescue needing help for the holidays

When it comes to the East Mississippi Animal Rescue, the paws come first.

“We have a couple of specific needs this Christmas. We are in dire need of some of these medium-sized crates. They’re about 36 inches. These are very important for us for transportation and for housing here at the kennel,” said Caeri Allen who is a volunteer at the rescue and also a foster dog mom.

Not only are kennels needed, but also Purina dog food for the adult dogs and puppies, and volunteers in and outside the kennel.

“Fostering, to me, is one of the most important things we can do here. We’re in a short supply of fosters because I think people are afraid that they’re going to get too attached to the dog just to let it go to a new family. You do get attached, but that moment when they meet their families that they’re going to be with forever—its so exciting and its so rewarding knowing that you had a part in that,” said Allen.

“I’ve been looking for a chocolate lab, and my old roommate in college had an Australian shepherd, and this kind of just fit everything in between. There’s a big dog community at my country club at Northwood, so I just wanted to add a friend to bring out there to play with,” said Patrick Gaddy who was adopting a chocolate lab.

Another thing the rescue is always needing is for someone to give one of the dogs a forever home.

“There’s so many of them out there that are just abandoned and left on the side of the road, so it’s good to save a life instead of buying to have other people breed their dogs,” said Gaddy.

Supplies for the rescue can be dropped off at their location and to volunteer or foster... Simply call 601- 553-3060.

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