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Meridian Underground Music hosting Annual New Year's Bash

“It’s all local guys this time. It’ll be anything from jazz to R&B, and we’ve got some southern rock in there along with metal. It’s good stuff.” -Aaron Smith, Manager at M.U.M.

Meridian Underground Music’s 24th Annual New Year’s Bash is happening on December 29th at

6 pm.

“We’ve got three different bands playing. We’ve got AM Wyselove, Above the Ashes, and Batty Pat. It’s free for all ages to come join and attend. There’s going to be free popcorn, coffee, and there’s fun and games you can come in and play if it’d cold outside. It’s just going to be a full day of fun for everybody,” said Smith.

With a variety of music in the show, the business is looking to give entertainment to all ages, including publicity for local artists.

Smith said, “you know, it inspires the guys to keep going in their bands. Some of them, they get big and get on out there, like Adam Box, Brother’s Osbourne. He started off right here in town, all these other guys are doing the same thing. They’re not just playing bars, they’ve got a venue here where kids can come out and see them to the elderly coming out and seeing them. It’s just great for every single band and everybody.”

Another thing they are looking to do is to give the community a place to hangout and have some clean fun.

“If they’re bored they can come in and read a book or you can play pool or video games. We treat everybody like family here. It’s kind of like your living room, but we keep all the riff-raff out. It’s just something for everybody to do and enjoy.” -Smith

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