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Bathsheba Grand Chapter Order of The Eastern Star held first bingo fundraiser.

The Bathsheba Grand Chapter has history traced back to decades of helping and serving the community by raising money.

“We were in Jackson Mississippi, and we came to Meridian Mississippi in January 2015, we brought a building here, and this is the building is owned by Bathsheba Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star.”

Today, inside of that building the chapter hosted their first bingo fundraiser in hopes of having fun, and raising funds for future community engagements.

“The bingo fundraiser that we have going on today, is to supply our treasure that we will be able to help the community, and supply things that we need for The Order of The Eastern Star.”

Helping the community does not come cheap and requires money to help demands be met.

“We work with the food bank, we work with Lupus, and we work with the community; like some stranded people in transit, we help them. We help children that need toys, and we do fundraisers to help these organizations.”

Alford says the fundraiser is not to only raise money for a good cause, but it is also meant to bring the community together to have fun.

“All of the money that we raise does not go to the organization, some of it will go back in for playing bingo. People like to play for money. They’re not playing for toilet tissue and soap; they’re playing for money; so the money that we take up; we divide that money: the players will be able to play for some money and that will entice them to want to play again.”

This could mean a future new home for bingo players.

“This is our first one, and we’re planning another one in January and if that goes well, we might be able to establish a Bingo hall, it all depends.”

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