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Qualified candidates get registered to run in 2019

Moving into the beginning of a new year, several election candidates were present in the Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk office this morning, to register for upcoming elections.

Included in the newly registered candidates is current sheriff for Lauderdale County Billy Sollie.

“When I entered this profession back in 1974, I told the persons that would hire me I always wanted to be in the right spot at the right time, and I think that’s what every law enforcement officer wants to be.”

With over 23 years in service to the county, Sollie says he owes much to his staff.

“They’re a wonderful team, they’re all professionals, and we want to keep this thing moving forward for the citizens of Lauderdale County.”

The love for his job leaves retirement out of the picture for right now.

“We’re having more good days and bad days, so we’re going to look at the future when it gets here.”

Candidates include a father and son hoping to return to their positions for another term.

“I want to run because being a judge, you’re able to sit in a seat to help make decisions based on righteousness and credibility, I’ve served in this position now for two years, so it has become a part of me to really serve the public and in this capacity.”

Ondray Harris, Jr says he has learned a lot from his father and hopes to keep it in the family.

“This is going into my second term as a constable and this first year that we’ve been able to work together has been great. I’ve really enjoyed it, I’m still getting training and tips from him as I go along the way, but it just makes it easier to have someone in my corner.”