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Nelson Hall Chevrolet donates to United Way

Nelson Hall Chevrolet has donated approximately $2500 to United Way of East Mississippi, and will continue to raise funds throughout the month of January.

The staff of Nelson Halls have come with a creative way to give and it only requires people to come in and test drive a car from the lot.

“We decided to do $5 for every test drive in the months of November and the month of December and give it to the United Way because; United Way is an umbrella of agencies that help several, several charities in our area.”

General Manager Steve Hall says out of several non-profits in the area; United Way stood out to him because of how they support the community.

“What United Way means to me is; it means helping people less fortunate than our selves, and it means helping people in need, it means helping our neighbor, and it means giving back to others.”

Others being the 22 organizations in the community that partner with United Way.

“Everybody kind of falls under the umbrella of United Way, so we figured dealing with them we could reach more, we could do more with the resources we had by choosing United Way, they could evenly distribute the money better than we could. “

United Way executive Director Derron Radcliff says the generous donation will serve the community well.

“It helps us be able to give once a month to these 22 agencies, so they know that they can keep the lights on or have things because of the United Way support, so it takes agencies and businesses like this giving so that we can support those."

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