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Clarkdale Attendance Center receives donation for updated P.E. equipment

The Clarkdale Attendance Center received one donation that will help students get fit and in shape for the new year.

“The equipment was donated, we were in much need; especially in the middle schools. Some of the equipment they donated: some weighted hula hoops, and some jump ropes, we have kick balls, human pinball balls, we actually have some active learning stuff as well.”

This donation is all because of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi foundation giving $1,191 in equipment to the school; which resulted in replacing out of date fitness equipment.

“The equipment that we had in the past was a little dated; we didn’t have as much modern equipment now that we have. The hula hoops that we have is not just your typical hula hoop; they’re weighted, so it allows the student to be able to circle it around their waist easier, it gives them a little more confidence.”

There are several other school subjects’ students have to take, but this one is just as important.

“I think physical education is huge, and that active learning is on the rise that’s where they incorporate physical education ,and the actual academic courses. They’re so many positive links related between academics and healthy children.”

It was very important to get fitness equipment updated so routine P.E activities would not go interrupted.

“We’ll do kickball, sometimes like; softball or baseball you know. We’ll just throw the ball around and hula hoop and, jump rope.”

Students are excited about the opportunity to have the new equipment.

“It makes me feel good because, with our old equipment, half of the stuff was broken, and it was older than I am, so it gives us just better stuff to play with.”

Keeping kids moving in school is one way to help fit obesity.

“Mississippi, I don’t actually think we lead anymore, I think we’re number 2 in Obesity but it’s always good to have any kind of equipment that will keep our children active a lot of them don’t enjoy organized sports, but they really come out and for the P.E like the hula hooping and the different things.”

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