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County election commissioner announces run for District 33 seat

Serving as the Lauderdale County Commissioner for the past decade, Jeff Tate has announced he's running for the District 33 senate seat. He says with being the election commissioner it has given him a good understanding of how decisions made at a state level can impact communities on a county level. Tate is basing his campaign on the value of hard work and building a better Mississippi for generations to come.

"I have two daughters-- a three-year-old and a two-year-old. It's very important to me of the future of where Lauderdale county and Clarke county are heading. I want to run on a platform of not just working place skills-- knowing how to work with your hands, knowing how to work with your mind-- but in somehow getting it to kids and the younger generations that there's a value in working."

Tate said he also wants to run his campaign on conservative and Christian values.

Videt Carmichael, who is not seeking re-election, has served in the District 33 seat since 2000.

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