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West Lauderdale High School teachers encourage students to take dual enrollment courses

Faculty at West Lauderdale High School are encouraging students to think about taking dual enrollment courses that will leave students saving big time in college.

“I think that students who participate in dual enrollment classes save lots of money, and lots of time because; the classes are very affordable compared to full rates, but also because it’s going to free up time and also give them the better chance of being successful with their other college classes; because they want be so stressed.”

Students are also left with a convenience of not having to go anywhere to take college prerequisites.

“They have the advantage of having some of our teachers teach some of those courses, so not only do they have those teachers in their regular classes, but then they have access to those teachers, so they’re taking a college algebra course, or an English comp course, they have access to those teachers throughout the day as well.”

Shauna Waters has been teaching dual-enrollment at West Lauderdale for years and enjoys seeing students progress by knocking out most college pre-requisites.

“It’s just such a wonderful opportunity to help students get those first steps towards whatever their career goal is. I love to be able to give them the support and the skills that they’re going to need with written communication.”

High school senior Mckenzie Bohl says dual enrollment was very convenient with her busy schedule.

“Classes that I took and am taking: they were all online, so with me being a cheerleader, I was able to get it all done at home online and not have to come meet for an actual class.”

High school seniors don’t pay nearly as much as college students when they participate in dual enrollment.

“It would cost a student about $100 versus 3 to $400 that they would normally pay for that class.”

Which is why Bohl is leaving an important message to encourage others to participate.

“It’s easier then you think it would be, and I think you should go ahead and get it done with your jr. or senior year.”

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