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Students at West Lauderdale High School launch E sports team

Faculty and Students at West Lauderdale High School are excited about launching a new E sports team and says it opens the windows to several opportunities.

“We’re looking at a game called League of Legends which is a nationally or world recognized game that their tournaments play all over the world.”

This is a brand-new activity and there is much to learn moving forward.

“This is the first time that the Mississippi High School Activities Association has offered this to any students, so were’ all learning as we go, and we’re looking forward to learning more, and seeing what all opportunities are available for students.”

Wiggins says this game is all about having team work.

“Students have to work in groups of fives to defeat the other team.”

Not only does team work play a factor but building a strong relationship with peers matters in this game.

“It provides students a way to use leadership thinking, communication skills, and helps them build a report with other students who are involved in this activity as well.”

Matthew Landis says E sports is a good alternative for extracurricular activities offered in school.

“I think it’s a good opportunity especially for students who aren’t interested particularly in regular athletics, I think it’s a good opportunity to work on team work, and just get a sense of a compliment in getting against other schools."

Bronson Harper says several factors lead up to be a successful gamer.

“To be a successful gamer is to have a lot of hours and even though you have a busy schedule for school, jobs, you can find the hours to play games and you will be successful.”

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