Choctaw area council Boy Scouts of America holds annual Pinewood Derby workshop
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Choctaw area council Boy Scouts of America holds annual Pinewood Derby workshop

Over 38 Cub Scouts in Meridian constructed pinewood derby cars, and this was all thanks to The Choctaw Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America for hosting the annual Pinewood Derby Workshop.

“It actually started in 1955, in Manhattan Beach, California. A Cubmaster decided he wanted to do something different with his kids, teach them a little wood working, and get parents involved, and it spread like wildfire, and it’s been a yearly thing ever since.”

Building a Pinewood Derby car teaches the kids how to assemble their own car.

“We start off with a plain block of wood, four plastic wheels, four nails that are actual axles, and then they fashion a car out of wood that’s where we get the name, Pine Wood Derby.”

This workshop is something most Cub Scouts look forward to every year, and anyone can attend.

“We invite all Cub Scouts from kindergarten through 5th grade to come with their parents or grandparents; whoever is going to be working with them to make a Pinewood Derby car. We’ll help them cut the car out, we’ll weigh the call down and they’ll take the car home.”

Once Scouts finish the construction of their car, they are ready for the big race.

“This is my second time being in the race because you know, it just feels good.”

With the race being only weeks away; the scout masters are already expecting a strong attendance.

“We expect well over a hundred cub scouts to come out to Bonita Lakes Mall on the 16th and it will start about 9 AM and go through about noon.”