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Lauderdale County School District, Meridian Public School teachers participate in kinesthetic learni

Teachers with the Meridian and Lauderdale County School Districts partnered in participation of a professional development day.

Teachers learned about kinesthetic learning which is incorporating learning with dance and for students to make sense of what lesson they are being taught.

“Kinesthetic learners are a huge population within our schools, 30% of the kids in schools all the way through 12th grade need to do to learn, and; as we know in traditional classrooms, we don’t just move.”

Julie Hammond who has many years of experience teaching, and taught the teachers about elements of dancing in the classroom.

“ I think it’s really important to teach art, I’m a huge believer in that a lot of times people are comfortable teaching about drama or visual arts music, but just don’t know how to teach visual arts music, and, so I feel real calling to just break it down for them and help them to understand that it’s accessible.”

Making learning an enjoyable experience is something that can be found to be efficient in students learning.

“We learn through listening and watching and reproducing in more of a visual way and so by moving using the body kids learn in the way that they were built to learn, and they just really retain and comprehend and can imply information so much easier if they do.”

Leann Naylor says she can relate to dancing believes it makes learning become rewarding to students when teachers incorporate it into the curriculum.

“I love to dance, so being up and moving makes me happy and I know that for the kids it makes them happy and it leaves a lasting impression on their mind to be able to learn the skill or in the future, saying oh I learned this activity, this is how I learned it, and I know that I can teach it to somebody else.”

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