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Students at Clarkdale Attendance Center learn about bullying, sex trafficking

Today, members of the Say Something Assembly visited students at Clarkdale Attendance Center. Say Something teaches students about bullies and sex trafficking. Students got to hear testimonies from the group.

“Our job is to let people know that, yeah words hurt, words ring true a lot of times, but most importantly, that’s not what defines you, you can rise above that and be something different because of what we do.”

Say Something also visited several schools across The Lauderdale County School District.

“They’re doing great assemblies, our district is strongly committed to providing a healthy, and safe environment for all of our students, and our superintendent, our board, our administration. We were in full support of them coming and doing these assemblies for our students and our staff.”

The Say Something assembly allows students that have been victimized to be heard.

“Every kid has an story, and it’s really not hard when you’re out on the floor presenting the kids, it’s not hard to pick out who the bully is, and who the victim is to be a lot of times, and sometimes it can be the same person , but the reason is that we want kids to understand that they have purpose, they have significance.”

Dyess says he hopes bullying will continue to decrease in the schools.

“We’ve had bullies come up with their cellphones and cry and say, I’ve been sending this person these text messages,and I realized how mean and how bad I’ve been, and I didn’t realize it could affect someone the way it has.”

Dyes also hopes students will take a life lesson to speak up against bullying and for them not to not becomes victims.

“People go through a lot and you never really know who goes through everything, and it helps you to stay positive. “

“I’ve got to speak up, to not let anybody say anything negative to anyone and to not let your circumstances define who you really are. “

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