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LEMA gives advice on travel ahead of possible snowfall

With a Winter Weather Warning beginning at 12 am, the Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency says the real threat will begin around 4 am and end around 9 am. Our area can see anywhere from one to three inches of snow.

“There is a threat out there for a flash freeze because of the rapid drop in temperature and well below the freezing mark. If it hits just before daylight, it could have an impact on some travel situations in the morning,” said LEMA Director, John Williamson.

Williamson said to avoid the roads if possible, but, if you must travel— pack your vehicle with a few essential items.

“You prepare before your trip with things like flashlights, reflectors in your vehicle, some blankets in there so if you run into an issue to where you can’t travel any further, you’ve got some way to stay warm. Things like that,” said Williamson.

With ice being the biggest threat, knowing how to drive and maintain control is key.

“One thing that you don’t want to do is slam on the breaks. If you start to slide, let off the throttle. Don’t jam on the breaks and try to gain control of your vehicle before applying the breaks or throttle to it once again,” said Williamson.

For more information, visit their Lauderdale County Emergency Management Facebook page.

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