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Retired principal and a mentor outreach organization visits Magnolia Middle School.

The Girls Wear Pearls organization at Magnolia Middle School teaches female students life skills and virtue lessons they will carry forever.

“A couple of years ago, a few of us got together with the idea originally coming from Mrs. Tabotha Adams Jones, and we organized a group where monthly we come into Magnolia, and we celebrate young ladies.”

The celebration is ongoing as speakers visit to motivate girls to think about their future as adults.

“I was just reiterating what their teachers have been telling them how precious they are and that they can be anything in life, and we talked about the different gifts that they have, but the message I really wanted them to take away that they can be anything in this world that they can be. I want them to be kind.”

Dr. Lavon Reed once was a student at Magnolia Middle School and served as a principal for the Meridian Public School District. She says she connects well with them and shares how their presence compares to the value of pearls.

“Pearls are different, they have unique characteristics, they come in different sizes and shapes, and I told the girls they are just like pearls. They do come in different sizes and shapes, they are not perfect, but they are perfect gifts to the world, and I want them to go out and use those pearls.”

Speakers with the organization say they expect students to look at pearls and take something home that they will never forget.

“We chose the pearls because, like girls, it’s one of the most precious gems in the world, and to associate themselves with a gem, it will give them value in themselves and in their lives.”

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