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Northeast Middle School teachers encourage others to get in shape

The faculty of Northeast Middle School is encouraging teachers across the campus to stay fit and healthy.

The School is the only in the district to have a full in-house fitness center, and this is one reason teachers are recruiting others to start using it after being built years ago.

“About ten years ago, we had a retired teacher Debbie Chance and a former administrator Billie Burnum, they saw a need for teachers and staff to have a chance to unwind, and, so they wrote for a grant, and the grant was approximately about $10,000 through Blue Cross, Blue Shield.”

Teachers have a place to break a sweat in the house, and it can come in handy after a stressful day in the classroom.

“When teachers have had one of those very good days, they can go down and unwind and distress, and it’s always good to try to be healthy so we can be healthy for our students at Northeast Middle, you go down and unwind and distress, you can save some money, lose a little weight and keep yourself healthy.”

Gym memberships can be costly, and teachers already have classroom expenses to worry about.

“You’ll get a chance to save money because there is not enough money in education, so they have a chance instead of spending it on supplies they don’t have money to go to the gym so therefore they can just go downstairs and work out and save a little money and be able to do other things with it.”

Teachers at Northeast Middle look forward to having a good workout before or after school.

“It is very convent to get on the treadmill, lift weights, have a consistent exercise routine and you can do it before school, after school or during your break time. It has been very beneficial for myself and for making sure that I’m in the best physical shape for my students.”

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