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MCC continued ed will host Valentine's Day courses

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and Meridian Community College has already acknowledged the holiday by offering a variety of continuing education courses centered around the Valentines Day theme.

“People are always looking for something to do, that’s not the standard movie and dinner, and so this gives you something to do with a different direction, and you kind of learn something, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

This is why the college puts on classes that will not only be fun but also will bring the community together to substitute traditional Valentine’s Day plans.

“We usually offer at least 3 of those each semester, and we have the one that is the Valentine date night, and Kailey McBride is the instructor for that program, and she is a demonstration class, that class is going to be held on February the seventh, and it starts at 6 o clock and we have several other things.”

MCC tries to accommodate all ages in its continuing education courses.

“We try to give offerings of current things that are happening, things that people are interested in, and of course we build a lot of things around the holidays with it being Valentines or Easter or Christmas there’s always an activity to do that will draw children and adults in around those times of the year.”

There are plenty of classes to accommodate all types of friendships.

“It is a class around sweethearts and best friends, that’s going to be a dinner class, and also a floral demonstration, a very simple floral demonstration class and we’re going to do that in coordination with Deli on Fifth Street and that is going to be actually on Valentine’s day.”

For more details, call 601-482-7445.

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