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One Local restaurant has a Super Bowl celebration.

During the Super Bowl, millions watched the game across the country. Locally, several people gathered up to watch the game as Squealer's Bar-B-Que Restaurant held a Super Bowl party.

“First off, we’re mom and pop, we care so much about our customers, it’s not that the other people don’t, but you get that personalized care from everybody here, we’re all from Meridian, we’re home grown, and I think the southern hospitality is real strong here in this restaurant.”

After making a touch down for food, Squealer's offered Super Bowl deals too good to pass up on.

“We’ve have a hamburger and fries for $5, and we’ve got probably one of the best burgers in town. We sell wings, barbecue of course, anything you can imagine. We’re a family place to be.”

It’s not just the food that surrounds the restaurant with Super Bowl spirit but it’s the socialization also.

“We definitely have a made a lot of new friends here, sometimes it’ll get so crowded that you don’t see anywhere to sit, you find an empty chair at a table that’s there’s other people and that’s where people get to meet other people here.”

The Super Bowl is now over, but until next year that spirit will continue.

“Everybody loves Super Bowl, I think Super Bowl is a reason to get together with all of your friends and eat that’s the biggest thing, we always look forward to an excuse to eat around here.”

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