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Lauderdale County School District honors Career Technical Education students

The Lauderdale County School District is acknowledging Career Technical Education programs by honoring the top performing students.

Two students from each high school in the district were chosen and honored by the East Mississippi Businesses Development Corporation.

“They provide certificates for the students, and they provide gift cards for the students, it’s just to recognize them and to show them that we care about CTE and we’re promoting that throughout our school district.”

With their being approximately 500 high school students enrolled in CTE Programs across Lauderdale County, teachers had to pick students that stood out.

“The teachers recognize these students as the highest performers, and the most improved students in their CTE courses, so we try to recognize students at each one of our four high schools, and the CTE programs as the most outstanding and the most improved.”

This ceremony was to help make CTE students not feel left out.

“A lot of times the career and technical students don’t get a lot of recognition, and we want to make sure that they understand that what they’re doing is important, it’s important for them as they look for careers, and it is also important for our community because those students are typically the first people into the workforce after graduation.”

CTE honorees say the CTE class has helped them grow and they always look forward to taking this course.

“I was a junior and now I’m a senior, so it’s like a big stretch trying to learn and decide what you want to do with your career.”

“ I feel very proud because, I worked hard in Mrs. Scissions class , but years that I’ve been in her class and I was surprised that I got the highest overall in her class.”

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