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Meridian Police Department recruits more neighborhood watch members

The Meridian Police Department is strengthening the relationship with the community and their safety by encouraging neighbors to become active with the neighborhood watch committee.

“The way to generate a better sense of security is for us joining together with The Meridian Police Department, and together in partnership, we can make a difference.”

Crime is bound to happen anywhere at any time, and can raise concerns for neighbors.

“It’s disturbing when you hear members or residents discuss that they don’t feel safe going out mowing their yard or doing their gardening.”

This is why residents that join neighborhood watch can learn new information that can help keep their neighborhood safe.

“You want to have good sturdy doors for your home, and it would be nice to have an alarm system, a surveillance, so not everyone could afford a surveillance system but protecting your home, and your business is what law enforcement can help you do.”

With more eyes watching over the community it could possibly keep neighbors safe and cut back on potential criminals coming into the area.

“Although police cannot be everywhere, we know with neighborhood watch; we will be in the right place at the right time when a crime is in progress, because of our crime watchers.”

According to Lieutenant Jack not only does the neighborhood watch help keep the community safe, but it also creates a bond between local law enforcement and the community.

“Historically known, that the neighborhood watch program brings neighbors together where they communicate amongst each other as well as having a stronger relationship with your local law enforcement we have had many crimes solved from our neighborhood watch members notifying the police.”

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