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Meridian Community College holds annual job fair

A Meridian Area Job Fair was held at Meridian Community College's Tommy Dulaney Center to help those that are unemployed get back to work.

“65 organizations that are here ready and willing to try to put as many people to work as possible, you know ; the first thing I will say is there has been a whole lot of interactions taken place here today, a lot of applications are being filled out, a lot of people are walking out with very positive things to say about this event.”

Employers from all types of professions were looking to hire the best from beginner to experienced workers.

“We’re here looking for entry-level positions; our entry-level positions is a correctional officer. Today, we’ve had much success, we’ve talked to quite a few applicants, we’re looking to bring them on board.”

Organizers say they try to make the job hunt easy by the many classified job stations that are set up.

“We like to partner with others just to help people have a once source opportunity to be able to find a job, there’s a lot of people around town they're looking for work, and we like to invest in the opportunity there.”

The job fair also has more perks by allowing people to submit their resumes without having to click a button.

“It’s been really good Their different places that I’ve been interested in, you know looking into, and they have been really helpful with their information.”

There are applicants that have their reasons for attending the job fair.

“I’m looking for advancement, I’m looking for better advancement in jobs, I’m looking for more money as everyone else, but also you want some stability, something that you can trust that will last.”

And in years to come, more applicants will come to appreciate this once a year job search initiative.

“The job fair is much more better organized, the structure of the layout is really better than last year, I really commend Mrs. Shannon for doing an excellent job.”

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