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The Small Business Administration offers storm disaster loans

Disaster relief is something the Small Business Administration (SBA) will give to storm victims that are left with hefty repair costs from the storm that hit late December.

"We received 10 to 13 inches of rain in our county, in a very short period of time which flooded over a hundred homes. We had a lot of damage to roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, and the hardship that ’s placed on our citizens is that the homes are damaged and they’re having to figure out a way to make those repairs in many cases,” said Eddie Ivy Emergency Management director for Clarke County.

Which is why the Small Business Administration has stepped in to help.

“We’ll be here as long as there is a need to be here, but if you can’t be here, if we’re not here, or you can’t come to the center; we kind of encourage people to apply via our website which is S-B-A Dot Com which is an electronic loan application. Or give us a call at 1-800- 695- 2955 to get information on how to get a disaster loan,” said John Frederick SBA public affairs specialist."

SBA says there is a criteria one must meet in order to qualify for a disaster loan.

“A homeowner, renter, non-profit and you fit into one of those categories and you suffered damage, we kind of encourage you to come by the Clarke County emergency managers office and fill out an application to see if you’re eligible for a disaster loan,” said John Frederick SBA public affairs specialist.

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