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Local elementary school counselor shares what she loves about her job

For the past four years, Whitney Coleman has spent her time seeing to the needs of students at Northeast Elementary by counseling them in what they may struggle with.

“I do a lot of indirect services, so those would be things like meetings, and conferences with parents, phone calls, emails; you know those kinds of things. So, the focus that I always have to remember is like our statement here at the school is growing hearts and minds.”Said Whitney Coleman Northeast Elementary counselor.

Coleman says she has days that can be busy when she gets various students in her office.

“On a typical day anywhere from five to ten.” Said Whitney Coleman Northeast Elementary counselor.

Regardless of how many students she may have, it does not change her passion for wanting to help students.

“ I love my job because I love seeing the light bulb come on where they’re able to think outside of the box, they’re able to think a different way because so many times we get stuck in our own ways our environment plays a lot with that, you know how we grow up, the environments we grow up in.” Said Whitney Coleman Northeast Elementary counselor.

Coleman also says she has ties to the school because she once was a student there.

“I started school here in kindergarten so, I have pretty much been a Northeast Trojan all my life, and this is all I know, and it’s a blessing to be working here because I feel like I’m working with family.” Said Whitney Coleman Northeast Elementary counselor.

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