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Meridian Police Department has neighborhood watch meeting.

Neighbors in the community met with The Meridian Police Department to ensure a safer community and deter crime. Concerns about safety were addressed and the several ways to help keep the neighborhood safe.

“Attend a meeting when you can, these meetings not only share what new information or activities that’s going on in another neighborhood in the city, but it will help you build a network with other residents within the city.”

When residents meet up with law enforcement, this can allow voices in the community be heard

“We always welcome the members joining in on the discussion because this is a collaborative effort, we all have to communicate and collaborate with one another, so that we can make sure that we’re understanding the whole purpose of this program.”

Getting involved is simple according to Lieutenant Jack.

“The only thing that is required is your commitment, and your time, we also say crime reporting is actively picking up the phone and contacting The Meridian Police Department. When you witness or see a crime in progress; if you see something, we want you to say something.”

One major concern that neighborhood watch members brought to MPD’s attention is motorists who drive to fast in the area.

“We are getting our officers out in these areas where motorist are driving above the speed limit as well as violating our city ordinance.”

With a strong support from the community fighting back against crime it can help make a difference.

“We ask that you participate in our crime watch programs we’re going to be having crime watch programs throughout February and March hopefully for the remainder of the year."

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