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Poplar Springs Elementary third grade students learn about Meridian history

Third-grade students at Poplar Springs Elementary School showed off their talent by putting on a musical performance that showcased the history of Meridian.For the past couple of weeks, students have been learning about the history of the city and showcased what they learned by performing several reenactments about how the city was founded.

During the performance, several Meridian names were mentioned such as Jimmie Rodgers, The Temple Theater, and even The Mississippi Arts And Entertainment Experience.

At the end of the performance, there was a birthday celebration for the anniversary of Meridian.

“It’s important that our children learn their heritage, where they came from, where we’ve been and where we’re headed in the future and that they are our future. This gives them the history over and over again, and they get excited when they come recite facts and some of them go home and just shock their parents by what they know, and the parents say really that happened.” Said Melissa Goldman Poplar Springs Elementary third grade teacher.

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