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Poplar Springs Elementary students learn about ballroom dancing.

Fourth-grade Students at Poplar Springs Elementary were in for some dance lessons after they were partnered in groups by the dance instructor from Elegance Ballroom Dance in Meridian.

“They’re very apprehensive at first to you know; get in the dance position, but once we play some different dance creative movement games with them: then it kind of warms them up. We’re also teaching them that self-respect, self-confidence, and they really gain that through ballroom dance in connecting and working as a team with their partner.”Said Leslie Lee dance instructor.

This dance session is what prepares students for their Valentine’s Day dance which is only two days


“What we do with the children is we come into the different schools, and we work with the different schools using ballroom dances for social graces, manners, and it also helps them teach about the culture of the dances, the stories, the ideas the dances come from creative movement, so it’s just a great opportunity for children to have today, we’ve been working with the students.”Said Leslie Lee dance instructor.

And the lesson on etiquette is something Lee hopes students will take with them for a lifetime.

“Teaching them the art of ballroom dancing, that it’s just not something of the past, that it’s prevalent in our society that it’s a great opportunity to learn; you know it’s a life skill for them and so to be able to teach that to young children that they’re going to keep it for the rest of their lives it’s a jewel to me.”Said Leslie Lee dance instructor.

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