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Crestwood Elementary students take a field trip to the MAEX

For the past weeks, fourth-grade students at Crestwood Elementary have been learning about Mississippi talent, today, that learning experience continued while students took a field trip to The Mississippi Arts Entertainment Experience in Meridian.

“We got to come and actually see the work, and actually play with the materials like the puppets and watch videos and short movies about the authors and the musicians. They love to get to see all of the music and the hands-on and to just learn about different people that are from Mississippi that they didn’t even know were from Mississippi.” Said Julie Williams Crestwood Elementary Teacher.

For the chaperones that volunteered, it could have been many other things that they could have done instead of spending their time today with the students.

“If I wasn’t with the children, then I probably would have been at my restaurant.” Said Pearl Huggins Crestwood Elementary Chaperone.

And for the students, they were in for one experience learning about the Mississippi talent that has paved the way of success for many today.

“I learned about Elvis Presley.” Said Cardale Moore Crestwood Elementary student

“It showed information about Oprah; it had shown a whole bunch of stuff, I really loved it.”Said Madilynn Stephens Crestwood Elementary student.

The learning does not stop here but may continue for students to dig deeper into their studies and encourage others to want to join them.

“ I think it’s going to encourage them to actually research to find out how many more people are from Mississippi that are artist and learn more about their background, and see what they do: and some of them have already said that they want to come back to the MAEX, they want to bring their parents or their brothers, they’re very excited.I know they enjoyed their trip.” Said Julie Williams Crestwood Elementary Teacher.

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