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President of National Association of Social Workers stops by MSU-Meridian campus

Dr. Kathryn Werhmann, The National President of Social Workers, visited MSU-Meridian to connect with students and share an important message.

“One message is they made a really good choice in choosing social work for their careers that it can take them lots of places;that there are lots of opportunities for leadership in their communities, their profession and frankly in the political round as well.”Said Dr. Kathryn Werhmann president of NASW.

And for those who may be seeking the social work industry, it’s never too late to enroll in courses.

“You can start out and get yourself into a Bachelor of Social Work program; a BSW is what the degree is called. It involves specialized course work, and then a part of that is an internship in a social service agency, or other approved setting.”Said Dr. Kathryn Werhmann president of NASW.

Staff at MSU-Meridian work hard to find professional homes for their new social workers after graduation.

“My job is to place students in the community at community agencies that have a licensed social worker, so we are fortunate to have our students placed in several agencies within The Lauderdale County areas, so our students get the opportunity to shadow a social worker.” Said Dr. Angela Savage MSU-Meridian field ed instructor.

According to Werhmann, there are many settings for social workers to become a part of.

“Social workers work in a variety of what we think of as traditional, but also non-traditional settings. You’ll find us in hospitals in mental health clinics, in schools, in libraries these days our venues for social workers are for helping people find resources,”Said Dr. Kathryn Werhmann president of NASW.

Werhmann adds how she hopes students on campus will get inspired to be the best social workers after graduating

“We try as social work educators, which another setting that you’ll find us in to prepare students in such a way that they can use their tools.” Said Dr. Kathryn Werhmann president of NASW.