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Lauderdale County Emergency Management shares storm preparedness safety

The Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency has spent time training to respond properly to any storm that may pose a threat in the area.

“This last week has been our severe weather preparedness week, where we focus each day on a different threat that we face on a regular basis here in our state, and our county, so we’ve done flooding, we’ve done lightning and things like that, and it’s basically just to make the public aware of the threats that we face.” Said John Williamson LEMA director.

With storms entering our area this weekend, emergency management officials will keep a close eye on the county.

“We’re looking at a time frame somewhere around 3 PM tomorrow afternoon through about 11 PM tomorrow night for the biggest threat here in our area.”Said John Williamson LEMA director.

According to John Williamson, understanding the difference between a tornado and a thunderstorm can be difficult.

“Sometimes the actual signs on how to identify an actual tornado are difficult here in the state of Mississippi because most of our tornadoes are embedded in heavy rainfall and things like that: a lot of them come in darkness instead of daylight.”Said John Williamson LEMA director.

When there is a loss of power caused by the storm, Williamson adds how certain necessities will come in handy.

“Things like weather radios, batteries, whether it’s radios or any other kind of electronics that we can receive warnings over.”Said John Williamson LEMA director.

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