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Several visit Meridian to compete in Tactical Games.

Competitors from all across the U.S. came to Meridian over the weekend for the first-ever Tactical Games located at the Meridian Training Facility.

“We’ve got twelve different states that are represented with the athletes: Far away is California, Florida, Virginia, so that’s what we like: trying to get people into the state of Mississippi down into these communities like this, a lot people that have never visited Meridian Mississippi before.” Said Michael Jones Outdoor Marketing Manager.

Many contestants are well trained, and have prepared overtime for the tournament

“A lot of these athletes are law enforcement background, military background, and we’re even encouraging civilians that love that tactical shooting to get involved as well.” Said Michael Jones Outdoor Marketing Manager.

All participants compete for one simple title.

“The pride of being the best, I think they’re going to hopefully work up to have money prizes, but right now it’s just the pride of being the best.” Said Michael Jones Outdoor Marketing Manager.

According to Doug Stephens, there has been an obstacle course designed to challenge the abilities of the competitors.

“Each day here at the Tactical games, they run three battles those battles consist of various different shooting competitions a long with some type of physical activity somewhat similar to a cross fit fitness work out.” Said Doug Stephens City of Meridian public safety director.

This fitness challenge may come easy for some contestants.

“I’ve been shooting competitively for the army for about 20 years, retired from the army, I’m a law enforcement officer now up in North Carolina, so a lot of kind of the group I hang out with loves to shoot, loves to do physical exercise, and this kind of combines cross fit shooting and a little bit of the Spartan race all in one.” Said Contestant John Sherbet.