Southeast High School opens internet café
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Southeast High School opens internet café

The internet café at Southeast High School will serve students well by allowing them to have a designated area to get school work completed.

“It used to be shelves of books that were reference books, and we just didn’t’ need them any longer; because we have access to databases now online with periodicals and magazines that the students can use for research purposes, so we still have some reference books that are used by specific teachers for specific projects.” Said Donna Sprabery Southeast librarian.

This project was all done in house with the help of the construction trade students.

“We built this internet café to help out Ms. Sprabery in the library, and to try to get people involved in school, and just get them in the library to try to study and to better themselves.”Said 11th Grade Southeast student

Students use the internet café to work on research and class assignments.

“As technology has changed, e-books have become prevalent, and there’s not as much need for reference books that we use to use all the time for research purposes, and papers, and things: so I was trying to think of a way that I could utilize this area of the library better, and an internet café seemed like just a logical step for us to take.” Said Donna Sprabery Southeast librarian.

According to Sprabery approximately $700 was invested from the supply budget to fund the internet café, and she feels it was well worth it.

“Students are so dependent now on technology for things, and there was no use in the space going to waist, we worked together myself and the construction trade teacher Jeremy Smith and figured out what we could do for this space so that we could utilize it better for technology for students.” Said Donna Sprabery Southeast librarian.