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Oakland Heights uses music and dance to celebrate Black History Month

Students at Oakland Heights Elementary are getting their groove on in honor of Black History Month.

“Our committee chose music as the theme because we wanted our children to know that music is a part of who they are. It’s their soul, it’s how they feel, and it’s how they think. Without music, our world would be a dull place," said Oakland Heights Music Specialist Linda Guise.

Pre-K through fifth grade showed their singing and dancing skills to other students and parents.

“It has played a role in black history for centuries and centuries, from the underground railroad to our civil rights era—music has been a part of our culture from the beginning of time," said Guise.

This program set out not only to teach students about black history, but about self-expression.

“Music can bring them together because we all love music as a whole," said Guise. "If it makes them feel good, whether they want to dance or tap their feet or just pat their legs or nod their head—it doesn’t matter what type of music it is, as long as they can express themselves.”

In celebrating Black History Month, the school says they simply want to celebrate humanity.“I think we have to keep the traditions and our heritage going. It doesn’t matter if it’s black history month or any type of celebration, it’s because we are a race of people, and we’re all created equal. I think we need to just constantly stress the importance of who we are as people and where we come from and where we’re going.”

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