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Crestwood Elementary School launches live wax museum for Black History Month.

In honor of Black History Month, kindergarten through fifth grade students at Crestwood Elementary participated in a Wax museum, made up of some great African-American names.

“We have Sidney Portiere, We Have Horace Pittman, and then we move on to second grade through third grade, they have the scientist and inventors: so we have Mae Jimerson, we have Benjamin Banneker, then we move on to our 4th grade who had the famous Mississippians, so those are just people who are now famous, but they also influence African-Americans.” Said Brittani Emerson Crestwood Elementary Inclusion teacher.

With just once click of a button, you can learn about all the information.

“Hello, I’m the African American writer, lawyer a mother and a university administrator.” Said Destiny Roberts, 5th grade student. Said Destiny Roberts Crestwood Elementary 5th grade student.

Students participating in the wax museum got a visit from the city Mayor and a student also represented him.

“It was very inspirational to me, it was a lot of different people. I had even one guy try to be Percy Bland so that was really cool, but I really enjoyed it.” Said City of Meridian Mayor Percy Bland.

According to the Crestwood principal, this idea had been in planning, but she left it in the hands of her faculty and was overall satisfied by the turnout.

“Believe it or not, this is our first year doing it this way, I expressed to the teachers that I would like us to do a wax museum this yea,r and the teachers took it and ran with it, and so our students have just done an awesome job today.” Said Dr. Rosalind Operton Crestwood Elementary principal.

Students themselves found it very rewarding by having the privilege to pick and choose their black history heros like Ruby Bridges.

“She was one of the first African-Americans to go to an all-white school and she changed everything.” Said Shiryia Pendleton Crestwood Elementary 4th grade student.

And also, Chandler Wright who learned all about Madam C.J Walker.

“She began to start a business and make a business to like make hair products for her scalp and other black people so they could look pretty.” Said Chandler Wright Crestwood 3rd grade student.

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