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Northeast Elementary teacher receives 2018-2019 3rd Congressional District Teacher of the Year Award

“It has been a very high honor. I didn’t even know that it had gone this far, so it’s been an honor and a surprise at the same time,” said Krileshia Boyd.

Boyd is a third grade language arts teacher at Northeast Elementary School and is now the 3rd Congressional District Teacher of the Year.

“There are a lot of mistakes I make each and every day, but then again I thought about it, and that, in itself, is teaching my students too that we learn from our mistakes, we just do better, get better, and continue to grow,” said Boyd.

Growing her students academically is her job, but growing them to be better humans, is her passion.

“To see them grow, to show them that they are loved, to encourage them, and to push them more than they think they are capable of doing—that’s what I really love about teaching.”

While most of her classes are focused on reading and aiming to pass the third-grade reading test and skills they’ll need in school in the future, she wants them to know one thing when they leave her classroom.

“I push them academically, and, at the end of the day, sometimes it can be frustrating to be pushed, and some you have to push a little harder than others,” she said. “However, at the end of the day, after each class period, I say, ‘boys and girls you are loved,’ and they say, ‘Mrs. Boyd, you are loved.’”

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