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Lauderdale County School District now using Major Clarity

The Lauderdale County School District has streamlined a new tool that will help career technical education students.

“Major Clarity is a program that incorporates career discovery for the students, as well as allows them to go ahead and get a head start on their high school plan for what courses they’re going to take; sort of outlines suggested courses for them that are matching the career pathway that they are interested in.” Said Katie Moffett cyber foundations teacher.

With just one click of a button, students have a variety of career options to pick from.

“Students get on, and they start out doing a profile, they do a quick personality test and a career interest test, it matches them with their top career pathways: things that match those items they choose that they were interested in." Said Katie Moffett cyber foundations teacher.

Counselors then offer guidance to students and assist them.

“My role as a school counselor is to ensure that they are on the right career path, and to introduce them to all the careers that are out there, that are in their interest.” Said Elizabeth Rutherford middle school guidance counselor.

It doesn’t stop there, after students complete their profile they then will be matched with courses to take that aligns with their career choice.

“For healthcare, we have Hossa, students that are interested in trade or welding type things like that we have FFA, so we have our vocational programs that are more career minded and of course we have our more traditional courses, English all that to get the students ready for their traditional degree.” Said Katie Moffett cyber foundations teacher.

Moffett adds how she too can understand when students are trying to decide on what professions they want to pursue after graduating.

"As a student, I only noticed careers that were around me, so I thought, I’m a girl I’m going to be a nurse, I’m going to be a teacher, and I didn’t know about a lot of other careers, now I made the right choice for me, but for a lot of students they need that additional knowledge of what’s out there for them.” Said Katie Moffett cyber foundations teacher.

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