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Lauderdale County superintendent creates strategic plan.

The Lauderdale County Superintendent is striving for excellence as he has a strategic plan underway; Dr. John Mark-Cain has reached out to outside help for assistance.

“We recently held the impact consulting group based out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, they’ve come in with the leadership of Dr. James Hutto former superintendent of Petal Public Schools, and so they would help guide us through this process, and it would take place for the next 3 to 4 months.” Said Dr. John Mark-Cain LCSD superintendent.

Cain says he will review services offered to students and fill the gaps to what services students may not be receiving.

“In the strategic plan, we’ll be looking at everything from our facilities to our programs that we offer our students; transportation needs, financial requirements and just really allow us to try to map out what we want the future of our schools to look like.” Said John Mark-Cain LCSD superintendent.

Cain believes he couldn’t have chosen a better time to start up his strategic plan.

“You help focus on what your goals are, and you can commit to those goals, and it helps keep a focus for everyone involved, and so we feel like the organization of this size, we really need to have a clear-cut vision of what we want to do.” Said John Mark-Cain LCSD superintendent.

Cain has been superintendent for the Lauderdale County School District for half of a year and says there is much he has seen in his observation.

“We’re very successful at having state champions, near perfect ACT Scores, we’ve had some art programs here recently, we’ve got a lot to offer, but we know we can get better and so, we want that community voice to help us shape what that future voice looks like and help us decide what those areas are we can improve on.” Said John Mark-Cain LCSD superintendent.

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