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Anderson Regional Cancer Center first in nation to treat patients using RayStation and TomoTherapy S

Our very own Anderson Regional Cancer Center is now the first in the nation to treat cancer patients using two specific cancer-treating systems, together. They are now using RaySearch’s treatment planning system RayStation along with their Accuracy Incorporated’s TomoTherapy Treatment Delivery System.

“Radiation treatment machines go in a circle around you. We call it isocentric. This treatment machine is based on a CT frame, so it goes in a spiral. You’re not aiming from here, or aiming from here, or aiming from there- you’re continuously delivering the dose in a spiral fashion,” said Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director Dr. Scott Anderson when talking about the efficiency of better aiming in using both systems together.

With the new RayStation treatment planning system, these doctors can now better focus on cancer-stricken areas, while avoiding other organs and causing further damage.

“It’s about efficiency, but it’s also about accuracy. Accuracy is what we live and die on in radiation therapy,” said Dr. Anderson.

“The potential for what we can accomplish with these two things together is huge. Even at the beginning, what we’ve been able to accomplish has been an enhancement of our ability to deliver care. I’m excited, and it’s all up-hill from here,” said Chief Medical Physicist Paul King.

The two systems were officially put to use starting February 25th and first used on a patient with prostate cancer. The center plans to use this combination of TPS and radiation treatment delivery system to also treat breast, lung, head, and neck cancers. More information on RaySearch is available at

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