Mayor of Quitman proposes flood prevention plan.
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Mayor of Quitman proposes flood prevention plan.

The City of Quitman is working to make the area more flood-resistant from severe weather conditions. Mayor Eddie Fulton says they are now seeking funding to reach this goal.

“For the last 10 years, you have to have proof that you have spent $100,000 before you get $100,000 to help mitigate some of the damages. Well, Quitman is in an X flood rated zone which means we’ll flood 2 % every hundred and five hundred years.” Said Mayor Eddie Fulton.

It is a long process to help flood water exit the city and is even more costly.

“Getting water out of the city it has to either go to the lake, or it has to go to the river, and if it goes to the river, it has to go to pass the railroad where all those small culverts are and, so consequently it’s very expensive, and we’ve never got any kind of help doing that.”Said Mayor Eddie Fulton.

Mayor Fulton adds the cost to fund the project is worth the price to ensure the safety of the residents.

“It will take a million dollars, and FEMA is allowing us to file a grant to mitigate the damage, and that means changing out several coverts around the railroad.”Said Mayor Eddie Fulton.

According to Mayor Fulton, the coverts deliver about 292 cubic feet of water per second, but if more water exceeds that limit, it could cause backups and result into flooding.

“We have a plan that we have in place, right now we’re going to get about 96-thousand dollars to help us do some rift-waft, we’re going to get a hundred and ninety thousand dollars to help with some of the culverts we have in the city, and then we’ve applied for a million dollar grant to fix once and for all so I can eliminate that.”Said Mayor Eddie Fulton.