Jumpstart Coffee looking to inspire others to start small businesses in Meridian
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Jumpstart Coffee looking to inspire others to start small businesses in Meridian

“I think it’s a good idea. Most people do it in the bigger cities, but Meridian is growing. It gives more ideology for other community members, you know?” -Zachary Cole, citizen of Meridian

Since early November, JumpStart Coffee has been putting a warm boost into the hands of those on-the-go in Meridian.

“The community has been super encouraging. I’ve had a lot of people very excited about the idea, very excited about having another food truck in Meridian. I’ve also had a lot of good feedback on the product,” said Jumpstart Coffee owner Aprille Reeves.

She’s been traveling and parking in front of various local businesses and establishments such as Citizens National Bank, MSU Meridian, and City Hall.

“It’s convenient because it’s available. Availability is important,” said Cole, who is a first-time buyer. “It’s in the area, it’s quick, it only took me three minutes to get it, it’s fresh, and I think it’ll do good for those who are looking for a jump start and need a fresh cup of coffee."

While she still sees many first-time buyers, Reeves says she has had a tremendous amount of support from now regular customers and other local businesses.

“The local, small business community has been phenomenal. They have reached out to me: ‘how can we help you? Do you want to park out at our establishment?’ They’ve just been super supportive, and it’s just been such a fantastic experience.”

Moving into the summer months, they will be focused on serving cold beverages and introducing a wider variety of flavors. Reeves says anything they can make hot, they can make cold.

Reeves encourages anyone who wishes to start their own business to simply go for it. She says it’s scary, but worth it. To see a weekly Jumpstart schedule, be sure to text JUMP to 55498.