Storm victim gets relief after her home is repaired
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Storm victim gets relief after her home is repaired

Flora Clayton will never forget the day the EF-2 tornado that touched down and destroying her home.

“It was just terrible, the home was just terrible, it just torn apart with the tornado.” Said Clayton.

Thanks to community involvement and the Mennonite Disaster Service helping; today, she had a chance to celebrate her home finally repaired almost a year since the tragedy occurred

“It just makes me so happy to see it built, it just makes me so happy, its so wonderful: I just want to thank the whole crew, and the community that helped me.” Said Clayton.

Personnel with The Mennonite Disaster Service has been spending the past weeks repairing the home, and when Clayton got a chance to see the end results, it left her speechless.

“It’s just like I got a brand-new home, and I thank God, I am so happy, I have to cry, the happy cry.” Said Clayton.

Clayton has been living in her home going on 18 years which made it hard when she had to vacate the premises.

“It makes me feel so bad, I felt so bad, so bad it was just terrible.”Said Clayton.

When the storm hit, Clayton and her two grandchildren were at home and she had to take immediate cover.

“All three of us got in the bathtub, and we laid there, and I grabbed cover to put over us, and I started praying.”Said Clayton.

Now that’s the nightmare is over, and she is recovering she is just grateful for all that supported here in the time of need.

“I thank everybody.” Said Clayton.