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A national nurse visits Northeast Middle School to warn students about the dangers of drugs

Northeast Middle schools were taught a valuable lesson on doing drugs, and the repercussions one will face if doing so.

“I travel nationwide presenting to teenagers, about the consequences of poor choices, underage drinking, nicotine use, and I show them a really unique perspective. I show them what happens, when they make these poor choices and end up in the emergency room.” Said Linda Dutil Emergency Room Nurse.

According to Dutil, it is now more common for students to be misled to taking drugs without even realizing it.

“I explain to them how drug dealers can be so tricky, and that sometimes they will take the name of something that you know whether it’s an item or a candy, and they’ll call a very serious drug name to try to trick them, so I explain how that works, and how to always say no, and that they will be able to tell.” Said Linda Dutil Emergency Room Nurse.

One important message Dutil has for students is to speak up, if they know one someone battling a drug habit.

“Kids will ask me, they’ll say my friend was making poor choices, and I was scared to get help because I thought that I would get in trouble, and I know that states now will say if you can get help for your friends, if you can save that friends life, that’s worth a million bucks.”Said Linda Dutil Emergency Room Nurse.

Saying no to drugs and making good choices will take students a long way in being successful.

“I actually share lots of life saving intervention skills, and I think that is just so important, it’s important for the teenagers and the preteens to know the consequences, to know what to do, to stay safe and also to help their friends to stay safe.”Said Linda Dutil Emergency Room Nurse.

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