PART TWO: Women of NAS Meridian
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PART TWO: Women of NAS Meridian

In honor of Women's History Month, we're highlighting the women who help to keep NAS Meridian focused on their missions.

“There’s comradery with your brothers in arms, but it’s important to have the female side too just to even things out. The more you have of diversity, the more understanding people are, the more people can see that women can do this job too and they’re capable.” -LTJG Sarah Lykins

Diversity. The women stationed here at Naval Air Station Meridian look to inspire others with what they can bring to the table as a woman.

“So, before coming here, as you know, there’s not a lot of women in the military—so, I’ve always been one of very few women at each command. Coming here, I get to mentor young ladies and bring things from the fleet that I’ve learned that makes us stronger and better. So, being here is very rewarding,” said Personnel Specialist 1st Class Semetria Collins

In suiting up for her daily mission, Lieutenant Junior Grade Sarah Lykins doesn’t let her gender define how she flies.

“The good thing about aviation is that the plane doesn’t know genders. I mean, whatever you’re doing it doesn’t matter who you are. It just matters how much you have studied, what do you know on the ground, and how do you apply it in air,” said JTJG Lykins. “If you’re good, you’re good. If you’re not, you’re not. There’s no bias towards it.”

When it comes to her duty in teaching naval PS students about personnel matters, PS-1 Semetria Collins loves the equality that comes with being in the military. “I love being in the military. "

In most civilian jobs, you hear people talk about inequality. Well, in the military, the pay is the same, your duties are the same, and you’re responsible for anything that anyone else or a male sailor is responsible for.”

They simply want everyone to know that being a women doesn’t change how they handle their missions. “Women are capable, and every time I see a girl who is successful, it doesn’t take away from my success or any male’s success. The great thing about naval aviation is every single person can be successful,” said LTJG Lykins.