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Say Something School Assembly visits Magnolia Middle School.

Speakers with the Say Something School Assembly visited students at Magnolia Middle School to teach them about saying no to bullying, and peer pressure.

“One of the things that we’ll see and this is many students that put up a hardshell or a wall, once you’ve taken them through all these life experiences that people are sharing about themselves, they actually kind of tear those walls down and they’ll come up and talk to a teacher, talk to us and say hey, this is what’s going on in my life, it helps them open up.” Said, Joy Dyess Say Something executive director.

Students sometimes witness different stages in their life while in school, and that creates challenges for them.

“They struggle with self-image issues, suicidal tendencies, bullying, we also deal with drug and alcohol abuse, loss: some of these kids loose family members and parents, and just don’t even know how to process it; also we deal with human trafficking issues.” Said, Joy Dyess Say Something executive director.

Although the motivational speakers brought enlightenment to students who are maybe facing hard times, they also informed students how teachers are their first support for emotional relief.

“A teacher is someone that pours into them sees their good days, see’s their bad days, and they’ re also trying to make better students. The administrators are, and so Meridian Public Schools see this is a need that needs to be done.” Said, Joy Dyess Say Something executive director.

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