Southeast High School celebrates National Library Week
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Southeast High School celebrates National Library Week

In honor of National Library week, Southeast High School students are engaged in reading for clues while on a quest to find a grand prize during a scavenger hunt.

“The hall was full finding the first one this morning; after I read the first clue that started out the process. This morning, they were all trying to figure out where that first clue was, and then I heard kind of like a mad dash go to one area of the schools, so I think that a lot of them found it. The clues stay there, so it’s not like somebody finds the clue and takes it, so nobody has a chance.” Said, Donna Spraberry

Southeast librarian.

Many students were excited about that challenge as it is a new tradition for the school.

“Well, I wasn’t going to do it, but my friends were doing it and I thought that it was fun after we found like the first clue, so I just kind of went with. “Said, Jenna Wilkerson Southeast 11th grade student.

Previous years, students would draw their names in a trivia questioner, but this year students are searching for clues to be able to win and spend $50 of their choice.

“Probably spend it on gas money.” Said Emily Williams Southeast 11th grade student.

“I don’t really want any money, so they can just have it; it’s like a fun thing to do so I’m just trying to do it to be fun.” Said, Jenna Wilkerson Southeast 11th grade student.

Students at Southeast are staying positive about finding the treasure; although they are in competition with their peers.

“I think it might really take a minute because you can’t get out of class, so you’ve got to kind of try and find times where you can go look around, but I’m looking forward to finishing.” Said Zyanna Bouldin Southeast 11th Grade Student.

Teachers feel this is a very positive way for students to interact and work together.

“It’s good to have a like-hearted, just a fun activity that they can all participate in.” Said Kameron Burnham Southeast High English teacher.