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Leadership Lauderdale presents EMAR with donation check

One group within this year’s Leadership Lauderdale class decided that the East Mississippi Animal Rescue would be their community project. So, they hosted fundraiser called Burgers & Barks. All proceeds of that event totaled to $2,022, which has now been given to the rescue. “I mean, just everything about it—the food, they had the fashion with all different styles of dogs, and a lot of the EMAR previous adopters that came out to the event. It was a beautiful day, and the way they had it set up was very professional,” said EMAR owner, Paula Joyner.

Fundraisers, such as this one, are crucial to EMAR. “With us not having a public facility, people, I think, forget about us, but we’re always needing funding because we’re not a government-run facility. We survive strictly by donations. People don’t have a clue what it costs for power bills, van insurance, gas, feeding the animals, and vetting. Vetting is the number one costs for these animals,” said Joyner. When it comes to adopting, they’re always looking out for the best interest of the dog. “We try to match them up with the homes that will work for them. You know, if they’re good weather dogs or if they’re good with kids and stuff,” said Joyner. “We’re always up to foster to adopt. We have this program, so you can see how they work out.” For more information on the rescue, be sure to visit or visit their Facebook page.