Board of Supervisors accepting bids on 4-H Project
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Board of Supervisors accepting bids on 4-H Project

The Board of Supervisors are now looking ahead into moving the 4-H Mississippi State Extension Service out of the Annex Building downtown as part of their courthouse planning. “A lot of other places around the state have their AG Extension at their AG Centers, and, so, we’re going to do that,” said Board President Jonathan Wells.

These employees help farmers, do soil testing, and teach various children classes such as cooking and sewing. This move would allow them more space for better handling these types of projects.

“We’re taking some space in the AG center that’s not being used, you know, kind of some dead space. Some of it was storage that wasn’t being utilized, but we’re also adding onto the building as well,”said Wells.

Not only will this move allow them more space, the 4-H employees will also be able to help in the design of their new work space. “They’ve taken the fifth floor of the Annex and had to make it fit or work for them, and, now, in planning with them, they’re going to have a place that is theirs, that they’ve helped design that will be better suited for the projects and the teaching they do in 4-H,” said Wells. He said they are accepting bids for this project right now and work should begin within the next few months.