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Lamar School has its second annual Raider Market

Faculty at Lamar School is teaching students all about entrepreneurship during the second annual Raider Market.

“Our first goal is to teach students about economics, how to run a business and how to create a product, we talk a lot about the design process; they have to be interviewed and receive a business license in order to begin their business.” Said Erin Honeycutt, Lamar Elementary Principal.

Students that do not participate in a student-led business have fun by using raider bucks that are earned from good behavior and can be spent on a variety of goods found at the market.

“Some are games, where you won prizes, some are baked goods, some are services; such as face painting and we also had items that you can buy like bracelets, magnets, anything you can think of has been at the Raider market. Slime and squish balls are always favorites.” Said, Erin Honeycutt Lamar Elementary Principal.

Student-led businesses range from all kinds of items found in the market.

“I made noodle horses which are these things right here; I tied little string around them put a little nose on them, have a little eyeballs ears and hair, and they sold really well. I sold out of them.” Said, Nic Warden Lamar 5th grade student.

Students learned all about the risk that comes with starting a business.

“People were mostly ignoring us, but then somehow we just started booming with business.” Said Soliemam El-Ashry, Lamar 3rd grade student.

Organizers say they hope students learn core values that are needed to run a business.

“Students get so excited about something that gives them an opportunity to experience what real life is like, many of these children will go on to have businesses of their own one day, and I love the ability for them to experience economics and what does it look like, and if your business doesn’t do well what can you do next year to improve on that.” Said Erin Honeycutt, Lamar Elementary Principal.

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