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Kemper County recovers after weekend storm.

Over the weekend, many received confirmation about a warning of a possible storm entering the area. On Saturday evening, Kemper County had confirmed a tornado touched the ground.

“There was a tornado on the ground in our District two area which traveled through several places down there,and it came over to District 1 near electric mills in Scooba and passed through that way. We know right now there are 12 homes effected by minor damage.” Said Kemper County Sheriff,James Moore.

This resulted in many in danger having to take immediate cover.

“When it was over by the poll mill, I went and told my wife that the tornado is across the street and before we could move toward the center of the house, the tornado was already over our house and so we experienced some shaking and it was probably one of the frightening moments that we’ve experienced.” Said Rontal Jenkins, storm victim.

When the storm hit, it left several frightened and left with structural damage.

“We have some siding that’s blown off, we have some shingles that are blown off our roof, but there were massive trees that fell;big oaks that have been here for maybe 50 to 100 years, they fell.”Said Rontal Jenkins, storm victim.

Jenkins says the outcome of the storm could have been worse.

“A couple of the oaks that fell towards our house they would have crushed our house, but ones that were able to reach our house, they fell in the opposite direction and the ones that fell weren’t able to reach us.” Said Rontal Jenkins, storm victim.

Many were left without power and Energy officials have been working around the clock to get power restored.

“On yesterday, we had about 7,000 customers out and now we have only about 38, and so now we are narrowing it down.” Said Leroy Carpenter EMEPA worker.

Many are thankful this storm didn’t get any worst.

“To get through a tornado without a loss of life is always great and wonderful we’ll take that; you can replace property, you can replace a lot of things, those material things, but you save yourself from an injury or a death is always a great thing.” Said Kemper County Sheriff, James Moore.

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