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Southeast High School construction trade students place first in a competition.

Students at Southeast High School placed first in the Skills USA Team Works Division that is made up of four partners.This tournament is a state competition held in Jackson, and students are made up of a carpenter, an electrician, a mason and a plumber.

Students were given a task to build a four by eight structure which turned out to be an out-door kitchen.Students ended up drilling a total of one-hundred and sixty precision cuts.

“Last year, we went out there and we rushed it a little bit, we didn’t really build it a hundred percent correctly, this year we slowed down and took a lot more time reading and made sure we had everything right and built it a hundred percent right; it means a lot to me because this is just the field that I would enjoy working in.” Said Ethan Brown Southeast student.

This is the first time for a Lauderdale County School to place this in a competition.

now they will make their way to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the national competition.