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Local couple donates home to Aslane's Mission for women's shelter, will partner with organiz

“I wanted it to be so much out in the country with chickens, cows, horses, and anything else, like a garden. Anything that we can do to teach these young women to be self-sustainable, and this place has it all.” Christie Rainer started Aslane’s Mission several years ago, which aims to help those affected by life-altering situations such as homelessness. She has long dreamed of a safe, home-like shelter for mothers and children in need to help them transition back into a stable lifestyle, and thanks to one local doctor she met, that dream has now come true.

“He said, ‘Well, that’s stopping you?’ And I said, ‘Oh just little things like money, a house, and land, you know, just the major things—but we’re going to get it done this year.’ And, immediately he said, ‘I want to offer you something,’” said Rainer. That something is a nearly 4,000 square foot home on 100 acres of land. “She needed a location, and we had a location, but we didn’t have a local organization to partner with. So, it kind of went from there. We brought Christie out and showed her the house and the land and what we had. She said it would work well with the organization for what she was wanting to do,” said Lindsey Aull. Dr. Cody Aull and his wife, Lindsey, are currently building a home just across from the house they gifted, and they plan to be fully hands-on with the project alongside Aslane’s Mission. This shelter will allow these women to transition by helping them get items such as their GED, a drivers license, and whatever else depending on their situations.

“We’re really excited to be able to serve the community in this way,” said Aull. “You know, to have people in our home, love on them, provide for them, and help them to just change their trajectory and break the cycle that they’ve been in so they can be productive members of the community and help others as well.”

“They have been just so gracious. We have partnered together. Instead of them just saying, ‘Here’s the house,’ they have come on in the board to be very hands on. They want to help mentor these young ladies to help them get on their feet,” said Rainer. The home will be able to house three to five families at a time. They are in need of household supplies, and they also need fishing poles for the children to fish at the pond next to the house. Volunteers are needed to help with the families. To volunteer or to donate supplies, message Rainer through the Aslane’s Mission Facebook page, or contact her at 601-513-3176.