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First 24/7 gym opens in Butler, AL

In a town of just under 1,800 people, one woman has achieved her fitness goal, and, not for herself, but for the community. She has accomplished her dream of opening the first, all-access gym in downtown Butler, called 360 Fitness. “We’re small. We don’t claim to be the biggest, and we don’t claim to be the best, because, obviously, the best gym is the gym that you will go to and the gym that you feel going to. So, it’s my goal to help people feel comfortable, feel welcome, feel strong, feel impowered, and help them find that inner strength they didn’t know that they had,” said Libby Singley.

After training people in her home along with starting a women’s running group all throughout the town for the past decade , Singley says she's finally happy to give them their own space along with everyone else in the community. “This has helped me immensely. It’s hard to even put into words. It’s been such a wonderful thing. I can’t even believe I’m able to do the things I’m doing,” said Sandy Girad. Girad is nearly sixty years old and is one of the many people Singley has trained in Butler throughout the years.

“She’s a wonderful friend and an amazing person, along with the best trainer,” said Girad. “She’s very patient, but very diligent. She gets it out of you—you think you can’t sling one more, but she will get you to do it, and you’re so happy when you do. I plan to continue this as long as I can.”

With endurance is part of Singley’s main message, opening the gym was not an easy path along the way. Due to family issues, opening the gym has been more of a five-year plan. “I try to look at obstacles as just exactly what they are: obstacles. You can get around them. It’s not a barrier, because it’s not going to stop me. I’m sure there will be more obstacles along the way, but my passion for fitness in this community is much stronger than any obstacle I’ll face,” said Singley.

Her clients say she has definitely created a fitness atmosphere in the town over the years. “I definitely feel like there’s been a change in Butler. Not even necessarily since we opened in September, but over these last fifteen years that I’ve been involved in fitness in the community. Whether it was running on the streets when we had our running group in the morning or working out at the civic center at 5 a.m.—there’s definitely been a change.” Singley opened the gym alongside her husband. They offer other services such as personal training, yoga, and fitness classes. To see more about their message and what they stand for as a gym, be sure to check out their Facebook page: 360 Fitness Gym on the Courthouse Square.